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Developed by
Smallhubs Tech Limited

Skool Accounting System
– Balance Record Management
– Manage your company status with our Accounting Report
– Quotation and Invoice Management
Hiring agency, candidates and job interview. Personnel, hr, employment concept, presentation slide template. Can be used for topics like business, recruitment, human resources
Skool Human Resources System
– Employee Record Management
– Create Annoucement anytime for notify your employee
– Skool Customer Relationship Management
Skool CLOUD - File Storage System
– Improve teamwork efficiency
– Integrate with the tools and applications
– Access all your content easily and securely
– Fully Customer Support

User Friendly

Our systems are easy to use and it saves your time for the repeat task

Good Security

Our systems will provide encrypted data transaction and protect your company data

Fully Customer Support

We provided Email, WhatsApp and photo support

What's SmallHubs?

We provide one-stop software development services, from frontend to backend, including iOS and Android system mobile apps, websites, and other IT-related services.